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Duke University Hospital, located in Durham, North Carolina, is one of three area hospitals part of the Duke University Health System. The Hospital held its annual All-Staff Event, aimed to motivate and inspire the hospital’s more than 10,000 employees to embrace a unique system-wide commitment to transforming healthcare in the Triangle by continuing to lead the nation as one of the best places to work, practice medicine and receive care. Duke University Hospital contracted with Contrast Creative to develop all branding and graphic design that would compliment the existing and familiar Duke brand as well as convey the theme of teamwork and accomplishment.


The All-Staff Event, which was presented in three identical sessions over two days, featured informational and motivational remarks from Duke leadership, as well as videos, posters, banners and brochures produced by Contrast Creative. Awareness for the event was also promoted by posters and mailers created by Contrast Creative as well. Based on survey results, the Event has had a meaningful impact on Duke University Hospital employees by helping them connect hospital priorities with the privilege of being able to serve patients during their greatest time of need.

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