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Blending seamlessly into the spaces they are created for, this interactive technology combines art, education, fundraising and storytelling, creating a myriad of possibilities to reinforce your organization’s brand and culture while recognizing key figures and integral moments in history like never before.

Interactive walls are the perfect vessel for imagination. Imagine content that comes alive when someone approaches and where no users having the exact same experience twice. Imagine animated history timelines where old photographs tell interesting stories and inspiring testimonials from donors and their passion for your organization. And then imagine a waiting room or a lobby full of stories to share, and people waiting to hear them.

UNC REX Healthcare in Raleigh, NC imagined all of this and made it a reality with Contrast Creative. UNC Rex Healthcare’s interactive donor wall debuted in 2017 in the main lobby of its new Heart and Vascular hospital. Contrast Creative took over 100 years of newspaper articles, newsletters, and press releases, thousands of photographs and conducted dozens of interviews. We then wrote, produced and created a large volume of original content (over 160 assets) to populate the various portions of the interactive wall.

The result? Powerful historical timelines, engaging stories and moving first-hand accounts from contributors and influential people in the history of UNC REX Healthcare.

Interactive walls are a huge commitment. What are the reasons your organization should consider taking the plunge?

They are memorable and Immersive

Interactive displays are more memorable than non-interactive displays. They are touchable, immersive and encourage involvement. People love seeing how their movements impact the images, action, and stories on the screen.

They are versatile

Versatility. Interactive displays can be tailored to fit most any space including floors, windows, walls, tables and even kiosks. They are easily integrated into most environments and architecture and enhance the ambiance and atmosphere wherever they’re displayed.

They are Timeless

They’re timeless. Content can be updated in real time allowing you to make changes to existing material or add photographs and videos as new stories and topics emerge. Try doing that easily to a static display.

They are buzz-worthy

Interactive displays are buzz-worthy and just plain cool. Not only do they attract visitors to your facility, mainstream media are fans of them as well.

They can promote your organization

Incorporating your brand, your messaging, your people and your stories is easy with an interactive wall. Since typically these are found in lobbies and waiting rooms, you have a captive audience where you can promote your organization, educate and entertain people while they wait.

They can honor your donors

Give donors the recognition and respect they deserve. Honor important people and moments in history in a dignified and moving way. Distinctively highlight leaders and employees who make a difference. Put faces and voices to names of the individuals who have played a critical role in your organization.

They are built for capital campaigns

Interactive displays were built for capital campaigns. Walls are perfect conduits for fundraising communication and non-profit marketing. Visitors may actually become donors themselves after immersing themselves in your story.

They can share your story

Storytelling works. Share your organization’s stories of success, hope and gratitude. Tell your history in a way that no one else can and watch it unfold before the eyes of visitors. Bring a sense of surprise and curiosity to users. Elicit emotion with moving testimonials from people impacted by your work. Chronicle your culture and then multi-purpose that content on your website and social media channels.

They can enhance the customer experience

In a healthcare setting, interactive displays can reduce anxiety. Instead of watching the clock, patients and visitors are watching your stories. This can be a meaningful factor in enhancing the patient experience.

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