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Healthcare Social Media: Five Tips to Get Started

1. What is the cost of a strong social media presence? Unless your healthcare organization is using a paid advertising option, there typically isn’t a dollar and cents cost associated with social media sites themselves. . . . 

Agile Marketing

In an era where people can ignore your message with the click of the delete button or a DVR, the ad game has lost some of its control. Consumers have the power, and unless you . . . 

The Key to Hiring and Retaining Health Care Workers

In the competitive world of healthcare recruitment, it seems prospective employees can’t lose, but hospitals often do.  This home buying gimmick may get employees hired, but when time runs out, what will keep these incentive . . . 

How to Create Powerful Infographics

And they’re hard to miss: their brightly-colored boxes decorate websites and blogs all over the internet. Infographics are essentially pictures that wrap up basic data and knowledge in a basic, easy-to-understand package. Someone else has . . . 

The Anatomy of Employee Engagement

If it were only that simple to hire and retain engaged employees. But people are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. So what is the anatomy of an . . . 

Say Yes to Employee Engagement

The tattered magazines were at least one year old. The canned healthcare TV programming was turned down to barely audible. Incredibly bored, my mother spent her time watching a large bug walk across the waiting . . . 

Celebrating Nurses: Key to the Patient Experience

As a medical communicator, I’m not just honored to interact with nurses often, but also to share their stories of innovation, dedication and compassion through the creation of patient videos. In one such story called . . . 

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare continues to be a competitive game of sweeping change. Quality is no longer based on a fee-for-service model of healthcare reimbursement, but rather a pay-for-performance plan . . . 

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